Make Your Home Look Clutter Free

I’m currently looking for ways to simplify life. Well, cleaning up your home is one thing you can cross off your “to do” list. Go curl up by the fire instead. When people come a-calling, you can at least make it look like you have it all together when you document it.

how to take photos how to take photos

Here’s my secret: block the mess. I filmed our daughter on her rocking giraffe and took a few stills from the footage. On the left, you see her along with our carseat, stash of toys, discarded coats, bags, and blankets. On the right, it all disappears! I shifted my angle and brought one of her large toys in my camera’s view to physically block the clutter. I love putting things in front of the camera to block out unwanted things and to also add some nice depth to the image.

For you advanced shooters out there, it’s all about moving your feet too. Each time you approach a potential photo op, see what it looks like through your camera from a few different angles. Left. Right. Up. Down. That’s how I got rid of the toys on the floor. Blocking the mess and moving your feet are like photoshopping out the stuff you don’t want without even needing photosho. Ta-da! That saves you a few hundred dollars, so go celebrate by taking some photos with your congratulatory latte or pour-over coffee.

I’d love to see how you put this into practice.
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Happy shooting!

Make Your Home Look Clutter Free

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