First Adventure of the Puddle Stompers


I’ve always been fascinated with what’s around the corner and wanting to explore. I remember visiting the Piatt Castles in Logan County, Ohio with my grandparents as a kid and wishing I had free reign to explore every room and search for every secret passage those burgundy ropes prevented me from seeing.

Recently, all these cool kids are going into abandoned places to explore dilapidated ruins they find in their own cities. Tags like #urbanexploration and #abandonedplaces on Instagram lure me in like the raccoons that I’m sure frequent these places. I’m also a rule-follower. This makes for an interesting mix when thinking about my own sub-urban and rural explorations. How am I supposed to feel okay basically trespassing in someone else’s run-down house? Where do you park? How do you sneak in? Are there wayward folk living in these places? So, I’m starting small.

I took the kids up to Ostrander, Ohio where my mom has memories of extended stays with her grandmother. Here are a few photos from my timid first step into exploration. I was too chicken to actually enter any location, but I did see some potential spots on the drive there. I want to share with you my journey, as timid as it may be, into the forgotten places of my corner of the world. Here are a few places we walked to that look forgotten (even though they’re still occupied).

First Adventure of the Puddle Stompers

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