Gray Day for the Puddle Stompers

Our adventure today was going to be epic. I had the perfect spots picked out and even thought we would be brave and venture inside an abandoned building. I also remembered an derelict restaurant close-by that would be fun to explore. The restaurant is now a dirt lot, so that awesome idea went down as fast as the building’s walls.

abandoned Ohio
Back to the original plan. Loaded up babies and snacks, all ready to adventure. When we arrived, our oldest refused to walk and instead wanted to go swimming in a pond she saw. Did you notice we’re still wearing coats here? This was all about having fun! And being on an adventure! How dare she whine and ask to get back in the car. I eventually talked her into going, with only half-hearted stomping in the drizzly puddles.

It also turns out that the really neat looking abandoned place I saw from the road is a run-down building in the process of being renovated, thus the boards on the windows. So, it’s not really abandoned after all. Some days we just have to go for it. We won’t always find what we’re looking for or have the grand adventure we envision (our toddler didn’t even answer me when I asked, “Did you have fun on our adventure today?”). Slow progress is still progress.

But, we’ll keep hunting for the abandoned places and the Puddle Stompers will see a new day.

Gray Day for the Puddle Stompers

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