Puddle Stompers: The Entryway

We did it! And I was scared to death! I’m really not a risk taker and once I saw something resembling a slept-in bed with bright pink sheets, I very cooly suggested we had a wonderful adventure and wasn’t it time to get lunch anyway?

I spotted this house on our way to Ostrander and took note to come back when we could visit. As soon as we pulled up and I got our oldest puddle stomper out of the car, two giant vultures lazily lifted themselves out of the open roof. Creepy? Then, in horror movie fashion, our toddler looked beyond me and says “I’m afraid” as we walked to the front stoop.

We hung around outside until I could get the courage to peek my head in the door. And it was as gloriously run down and abandoned as I had hoped! It was evident that someone lived here, but decided the sagging walls and ceilings no longer suited their interior design needs.

My heart was pounding. Almost the same anxiety I get when I think about flying in an airplane. But I lingered just enough to snap a few photos. I hope to go back and really explore some more. You can see through doorways and that intrigues me!

Puddle Stompers: The Entryway

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