Puddle Stompers: Scouting

How does a rule-follower take risks? Like a game of chess.

We adventured again today and only got out of the car to play by the river in an empty gravel lot. I became increasingly disappointed with myself for not pulling over into a few abandoned buildings. But we had fun at our little pit-stop and I realized on the way home that this will be my MO for the time being.

We have 3 new places to explore! It finally dawned on me that today was a location scouting day. We got out of the house and played in the rain toward the end of our drive. And we found a number of new places we can intentionally visit next time we adventure. Here’s my current method:

First move – Go for a drive in the country.
Pawn – Take note of abandoned places.
Rook – Look them up on Google Maps.
Bishop – Go back for a planned visit.
Checkmate – Be brave.

Puddle Stompers: Scouting

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