Puddle Stompers: Real Estate

In contrast to the gray skies and drizzle from our last outing, today has been a glorious day. One of those days you wake up feeling hopeful, even if your youngest jolts you out of a deep sleep before sunrise. Together, we listened to the spring birds welcoming the morning sun as he satisfied his rumbling belly. It was then I decided that today we would adventure!

I get the feeling this building may have been used for office space, but has since been deserted. One of the front doors has a hopeful lockbox in the doorknob, but the side patio is overgrown with vines breaking their way through the door and the ground is quickly taking back its kingdom where pavement previously invaded.

I’m learning a few things about photographing these adventures. It’s difficult to get the images I want for a number of reasons. I’m working on ways to improve my photography in spite of these:

1. I have a baby strapped to my chest
2. We’re usually out when the sun is high in the sky
3. I’m still pretty timid, so we hurry in and out

Today was the first day I felt a little more free to take our time walking around the property since it seemed it had been available to buy or lease at one point and I had no intentions of entering the building if it were open. I’ve been reading “Code of Conducts” from urban explorers and appreciate the concern this group takes to be respectful of properties and keep safety in mind. One of these days, as I become more proficient at rural exploration, I’ll have a list of my own to share with you.

For now, you can see our latest Puddle Stomper adventure with a final photo of all three of us.

Puddle Stompers: Real Estate

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