Puddle Stompers: Secure Footing

I feel like courage grows the more we adventure. Not only did we have a scouting mission, but we also stopped at a really neat location! Both the front and back doors were open, buzzards circling and no sign of human inhabitants. The house looked like a once charming place for a small family, maybe even for a family like our own.

Who knows why this place has been abandoned, but here it rusts. The remains of a swing hangs from one of the giant trees in the backyard and discarded mattresses litter the side yard. I hope to visit this place again and make it further inside to capture some of the marvelous decay in there. The natural light. The white walls. The peeling plaster revealing darker insides. Bonus: the floors seem in good shape for inside exploration!

Puddle Stompers: Secure Footing

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