Puddle Stompers: The Secret Garden

I have a confession to make. The first house we visited, while abandoned, was also for sale. I felt like we were less suspicious being parked out front as we wandered around the property. We weren’t able to access the inside, but the house lured me with it’s quaint run-down curbside appeal. Plus, that gorgeous moss growth on the roof!

In keeping with my requirement of easy parking (i.e. easy escaping), we found this next house. According to Google Maps Street View, has at least been abandoned since March 2009. What you see online and what we experienced were two vastly different properties. It’s a two-story duplex now almost completely reclaimed by vegetation. We felt like we were entering a secret garden as we walked through the broken front gate.

What I also enjoy is the courage it’s giving us. I feel braver, and noticed yesterday our daughter feeling the same, the more we do this. I was impressed with her tramping through tall grass and overgrown vegetation to get to the back yard. Maybe she was showing off for my sister, who also came with us. I have grand ideas that through our adventures, we’ll begin to conquer fears in other areas of life.

Puddle Stompers: The Secret Garden

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