Puddle Stompers: Between Miles

My husband likes to run in the woods. For hours at a time. For seemingly endless miles. I was out with our little Puddle Stompers cheering him on as he ran the Playin’ Possum 50k at Delware State Park in Delaware, OH this past Saturday. We snatched the kids out of bed before they were even awake, so our older Puddle Stomper is in her pajamas. In between playing on playgrounds, climbing dams and a few tantrums, we stopped for a quick adventure.

This property is still maintained for the time being, but the building itself has been emptied. It was up against a country highway, so that explains the distortion in the photos from the front of the shop. We also found this quaint shed on the property with the perfect window seat.

I’m always amazed that Ada looks forward to our adventures and is now helping me pick out spots for photos. “Mommy stand here”, she says as she squats down to pat a small patch of yellow dandelions. One of these days I’ll give her the camera.

What I love about our adventures is not only exploring the places that have been forgotten by most and imagining the stories of what led these places to their current state, but also taking these photos of our kids. I don’t pose either of them (the youngest will soon make his debut as he can now sit unassisted). We pick a spot and Ada sits or stands there taking in her surroundings. It’s like observing her in her own little adventure. I wonder what she takes in as she looks around these places.

And we adventure on….

Puddle Stompers: Between Miles

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