Puddle Stompers: The Debut

We found a gem of an area on today’s adventure. After driving until the little Puddle Stompers’ patience wore thin, we happened upon a little town complete with one main intersection. A market and a church. And an abandoned house down by the river. There were discarded kids toys in the woodpile. A sword and a water gun. This shadow of someone else’s imaginary battlefield was the perfect place for our own kids to get out and play.

The weather was cool and I figured it was time for you all to meet Asher, the youngest Puddle Stomper. He usually hangs out strapped to my back, but I let him get his few moments of freedom to play in the unkempt grass. His toes and fingers curled around the tall grass as he explored his surroundings in his own way.

I’m feeling more and more, and I see other explorers reiterate, the need to explore with someone else. Not only does it makes sense for safety, but it’s much more fun to guess the stories of these places with someone else (although Ada does give some entertaining answers).

Puddle Stompers: The Debut

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