Puddle Stompers: German

“What’s your favorite smell?”
“Soap. Fences.”

– conversations with a Puddle Stomper

I’m one of those strange people who enjoys the smell of gasoline, rubber cement and books. I found a new favorite smell today too: old homes. It’s the smell you get when you visit your grandparents and the house today had it. Strangely, the house was merely remains of stripped walls, an exposed wooden framework, ceilings open to the sky and plants growing out of the floor. But if I inhaled, it smelled like Grandma’s house along Alum Creek.

Maybe the more years we live, the more we start to take on the earth around us. Like the Volkswagen growing out of the ground on the side of the garage in these photos. Steamy windows, a broken headlight, and a license plate of a design that faintly calls from my childhood. Although I almost expect that if you fill the tank and give the engine a crank, the old car would roar to life. That’s the thing about those German (and Swedish) cars. My husband’s family all drove Volvo’s into the ground. I wonder if it’s because their Germanness found solace in the great engineering of those European vehicles.

If you know anyone of German heritage, you’ll most likely see a great mathematical mind and a black-and-white approach to life. It’s something I’m appreciating more and more. Steve has this amazing way he can discern certain situations and come to decisions. I guess you could say our marriage is becoming like these abandoned homes. Straight-lined structures and strong architecture with winding plants for floors and wall coverings. The vines growing on the strongest of the structure. I’m obviously the organic, beautiful plant with roots that hopefully are growing deeper by the day, and Steve? Well, he has a firm foundation that won’t ever be shaken. And I hope together it’s beautiful.

The stories that could be told from what went on in the rooms of the house. The reasons why it stands as it is today. Oh, the things that intrigue us! I know there are couples like these places. You can see it in the way they interact together and it is captivating. Worth exploring and worth adventuring to find more like it. So, thanks to German cars and the smells of Grandma’s house to remind me that life examples are everywhere.

Puddle Stompers: German

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